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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Book Reviews/I Thirst

"I Thirst" is one of the most provocative books ever written. Here, clearly, God has endowed Ms. Tassel with a special vision and eyesight to see beyond the current reality of life and say "I THIRST." Here is the greatest yearning any man can achieve, Can you say I THIRST when things seem to go well, Yet, you want it better. you say I thirst when things seem to go bad and yet you still hope that your THIRST is the waxing desire and internal motivation you need to stand back up and say one more time, I am not satisfied with the situation as it is, I THIRST for something better, Even in the Ghetto where I am or in that deplorable situation that makes me feel so low about my self, still "I THIRST." can you say it with me right now, "I THIRST." One writer I admire puts it this way, "Higher than the highest human thoughts can reach, is God's ideal for his children." God wants something higher than your highest dreams. He wants something that can be exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ask or think. So, as the developer of "DREAMSTART" I say with the deepest voice I know Dr. Wintley Phipps " keep on Climbing until you reach your goal, keep on striving, with all your heart and soul.~Sony Roy

Minister Tassel C. E. Daley has been inspired and anointed by the Holy Spirit with the pen of a ready writer to write this best seller. She has brilliantly drawn the correlation between natural thirst and the desire and the thirst all of us should have for the presence of God.
She also reveals the reason behind your burning desire and how you may quench it.
Minister Fidel M. Donaldson

Author of Best Seller,"Diamond in the Rough"

This book will not only inspire you to take an introspective view at what you really desire to do, or to be, but will motivate you to rise up from your complacency and do what you desire to do regardless of your age or limitations.
Colonel Phillip Hugh Hyre
President Water For Life Now Ministry,Inc

The book, "I Thirst", by Tassel C.E. Daley  will help you to discover your true calling. You will learn that you are never too young or  too old to do what you were born to do. Your burning desire will not be quenched until you have found your true assignment. There are many who dislike their jobs but continue to suffer the torment because of the lack of knowledge regarding the real reason they dislike their job.


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